Lucid Dream II series

Lucid Dream II series by Johnson Tsang

Lucid Dream II_Here and There

Lucid Dream II_Here and There_closeup

Lucid Dream II_Lawful Custody

Lucid Dream II – Under the Skin

Lucid Dream II_Remembrance

Lucid Dream II_Work in Progress

Lucid Dream II – Extrication

Lucid Dream II_Unveiled

Lucid Dream II_Mirror Mirror

Lucid Dream II_Falling in Love

Lucid Dream II_Just Listen

Lucid Dream II_Relation Ship

Lucid Dream II_Relation Ship_Front

Lucid Dream II_Sanctuary

About Johnson Tsang

Sculptor based in Hong Kong, China
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19 Responses to Lucid Dream II series

  1. Iven Einszehn 說道:

    Nothing posted for a long time … Great. I love your art.

  2. Evy 說道:

    Vos sculptures sont magiques, je reste sans voix, c’est formidable. J’aime votre Art.

  3. Daniel 說道:

    This art is absoutely incredible! Massive congrats to you and how amazing this is. Your hard work has payed off!

  4. hellerjake1 說道:

    I am fighting brain cancer, and I suffer from cluster headaches. This is possibly the first time, I have ever found an artist who can possibly capture the intense pain I feel. You sir, are by far one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen and I would only dream of owning something like this.

    • Johnson Tsang 說道:

      Thanks for your words. I believe everything happens for a good reason. May I introduce you a book “Conversation with God" by Neal Donald Walsh. It is nothing about religion but it helped me during my hard time.

  5. Lorimer Humphries 說道:

    This art is incredible! i have just discovered your work in my art class after briefly seeing it on instagram. your faces are so realistic, do you use molds of real faces or is it all made by hand? i saw the blog on how you make your baby faces but was interested in the faces from ‘lucid dreams’ and how you make them so realistic.

  6. zolaclifford 說道:

    Hi Johnson, I am studying your artworks for my GCSE this year, and I have to confess I am absolutely in love with everything you do! I would love to know what sort of artworks you enjoy looking at/experiencing yourself? Also which of you’re series where the most challenging in terms of technique or execution?
    Kind regards Zola Clifford

  7. mith 說道:

    what type of clay is this and how was it fired?

  8. BURCU 說道:




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