Lucid Dream II series

Lucid Dream II series by Johnson Tsang

Lucid Dream II_Here and There

Lucid Dream II_Here and There_closeup

Lucid Dream II_Lawful Custody

Lucid Dream II – Under the Skin

Lucid Dream II_Remembrance

Lucid Dream II_Work in Progress

Lucid Dream II – Extrication

Lucid Dream II_Unveiled

Lucid Dream II_Mirror Mirror

Lucid Dream II_Falling in Love

Lucid Dream II_Just Listen

Lucid Dream II_Relation Ship

Lucid Dream II_Relation Ship_Front

Lucid Dream II_Sanctuary

About Johnson Tsang

Sculptor based in Hong Kong, China
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10 Responses to Lucid Dream II series

  1. Iven Einszehn 說道:

    Nothing posted for a long time … Great. I love your art.

  2. Evy 說道:

    Vos sculptures sont magiques, je reste sans voix, c’est formidable. J’aime votre Art.

  3. Daniel 說道:

    This art is absoutely incredible! Massive congrats to you and how amazing this is. Your hard work has payed off!

  4. hellerjake1 說道:

    I am fighting brain cancer, and I suffer from cluster headaches. This is possibly the first time, I have ever found an artist who can possibly capture the intense pain I feel. You sir, are by far one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen and I would only dream of owning something like this.

    • Johnson Tsang 說道:

      Thanks for your words. I believe everything happens for a good reason. May I introduce you a book “Conversation with God" by Neal Donald Walsh. It is nothing about religion but it helped me during my hard time.


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