A Painful Pot

What would you do with a thrown pot?

This is a thrown porcelain pot. I am going to create an sculpture to express how I feel about my country

How about a ceramic sculpture?

I love to feel the clay from inside

What is this?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????DSC_7507DSC_7502DSC_7520DSC_7511DSC_7517 DSC_7509

Great! Ready for bisque firing

Great! Ready for bisque firing



About Johnson Tsang

Sculptor based in Hong Kong, China
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177 Responses to A Painful Pot

  1. len 說道:


  2. Dragon 說道:

    where to purchase

  3. Renato Marques 說道:

    Excellent concept!!

  4. Angelo 說道:

    Muito bom! PARABENS!

  5. Kerem 說道:


  6. Josef Pfeffer 說道:

    what an Excelent work, great

  7. Tomas Gramming 說道:

    Wow… Incredible! One of the best ceramics work i have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  8. rafaelpradov 說道:

    Great work! You are an artist! COngratulations!

  9. Janice Edwards 說道:

    What a beautiful creation, extraordinary. Thanks for sharing

  10. Leni Oliveira 說道:

    É maravilhoso , maravilhoso e maravilhoso seu trabalho , lindo de mais

  11. law 說道:

    How many hours to make a such think. Wonderful work very unbilievable. Love it a lot. Next time i’ll go Hong Kong i’ll try to see you if you agree.

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  13. tina 說道:

    holy WOW!! magnificent

  14. bonsaiprelude 說道:

    WOW that is absolutely amazing! When I saw the first pictures I thought it would just be the dragon wrapped around the pot, but I love how you made it look like the dragon is squeezing the pot. Is it for sale? Probably too expensive for me though 🙂

  15. Teunis Jan Klein 說道:

    Dear Mister Tsang, just came across this beautiful art work on facebook. The mystic symbolism, power and restrained anger of the dragon in combination with the strangulated vase as if it is going to burst resambles so much of China as I know it… i am really impressed by this work of art. Modern with the classic material, feel and techniques… Thousend Compliments!

  16. Turner Munch 說道:

    Oh wow, what a beautiful thing to bring into the world that is. Thank you for sharing your work.

  17. Luis Jeronimo 說道:

    Wow such a beautiful pot! way to go on modernizing art 🙂

  18. Courtney Kenobi 說道:

    How amazing! Like would so love to buy this wonderful work of art. It’s the most creative piece of pottery I have ever seen!

  19. david apple 說道:

    is it for sale

  20. This is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to snap gorgeous photographs, and show us the process.

  21. Japinky 說道:

    Stunning piece and images!

  22. HA Walker 說道:

    Incredibly gorgeous – the intricate detail is incredible! My daughter and I enjoyed the progressive pictures. Thank you!


  24. frank 說道:

    awesome! how much are you going to sell it for?

  25. Demian 說道:

    A masterpiece. The delicate crafted details are poetry. The beauty of this work seems like a pot from the celestial court that find it’s way to the material world. Thank you!

  26. treesceramic 說道:

    No words can describe how wonderfull this piece of art is! Really amazing…. A strong statue which describe the struggle for life in China (or sometimes where ever…..)

  27. jacqueline allard 說道:

    What a beautiful work. I absolutely LOVED watching you make it. Stunning.

  28. Bob 說道:

    ¡Incredible! Congratulations

  29. Rishi 說道:

    I saw this link through my bonsai teacher, amazing how you’re capturing life as it’s seen.
    It’s screaming with anger, to get revenge on what caused loss of comfort…
    You’re blessed with a stunning talent.

  30. mtlawleyshire 說道:

    how amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

  31. JRS* 說道:

    This is an amazing piece!! Is it for sale? Do you have other creations for view/sale? Thank you for sharing your creativity… 👍👍👏👏👏😊😊

  32. Wendy 說道:

    Breathtaking talent. I would love to own such a pot

  33. samo 說道:

    Extremely beautiful!

  34. X.TREMOUILLE 說道:

    Wonderful work and really Amazing pot!:-)

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  36. Jason Bosch 說道:

    Absolutely incredible and beautiful. I think it has even more of an impact when one can see the different stages as it’s made. At first it looks so simple but then it becomes so intricate. It certainly increases the respect I have towards people that can produce those sort of works.

  37. dangerousbry 說道:

    Reblogged this on DangerousBry's Blog and commented:
    Beautiful creative and stunning!!

  38. samer 說道:

    saw all your works in this blog you are a real artist

  39. Nicolas BALEUX 說道:

    Hi Mister,
    What a beautiful job, it is just amazing, I love this dragon!
    I saw your other realisations, they are amazing too, but the dragon is for me a real powerfull symbol.

    I just want to know, do you sell it,? If you do, how much do you sell it?
    Best Regards,


    • Johnson Tsang 說道:


      Thank you very much for your compliments!

      “A Painful Pot" is for sale. Yet, I try not to sell it at the moment because I’m going to have a solo exhibition at the Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum during 7 Dec 2013 to 19 Jan 2014. This work has been selected as one of the exhibits. If you wish to purchase “A Painful Pot", would you consider buying it after my solo show?

      This solo show will feature my latest creations. I will post more of the exhibits on my blog and Facebook after the show has started.

      If you find it is not too late for you, I can provide you the price of “A Painful Pot" during the exhibition.


      • Tim Schwimer 說道:

        I am very interested as well, It is amazing! Thank you for sharing.
        Please contact me when it is availble.

      • Tony 說道:

        Great to hear that you will selling the Painful Pot because many of people want to get one of it. One more question, you mean you sell Painful Pot, that mean after the show you will sell it as the exhibit of the show or will continue to make it as commercial product and make more to selling ?

      • Harry Havoc 說道:

        very interested in A Painful Pot" and would like to see your other work as well. you are very, very talented. Harry

      • Roy Selwyn 說道:

        You are a ‘Master’. Please email me the price. Do you have any other pieces for sale? If so, please email details.

  40. luigitoso 說道:

    Master! Unbelievable work!

  41. Judith Gostick 說道:

    Absolutely incredible! There are so many things that could happen while you were making this amazing pot.
    What was the scariest part of making your dragon pot? …

  42. Teo KiKi 說道:

    Very, very beautiful.

  43. Nani Waitt 說道:

    Amazing and extraordinary!! Thank you for sharing.

  44. JK Yoo 說道:


  45. Adolf 說道:

    Soo great art work!!!

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  47. Megaera Gryphon 說道:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work of art but even more thank you for the in-process photographs. You think you “know" what goes into making something like this but . . . I’m amazed and astounded and so grateful to have seen this take shape. I wish you the very best luck and success in your upcoming show and I wait eagerly to view additional works. Thank you so much for enriching my day!

  48. elika sepulveda 說道:

    was the blue paint slip or iron oxide?

  49. Zach 說道:


  50. Chandraashekhar BHAGWAT 說道:

    Great Work.painstaking efforts n patience is required to create such awesome and wonderful creation.
    The artist is due for grand Salute

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  53. Darin Hagre 說道:

    That’s really incredible work! Great detail.

  54. Larry Dellinger 說道:

    Is this the only one you will be making? I would love to purchase one.

  55. DNA 說道:


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  57. Jonas 說道:

    I can’t even begin to fathom the time you must have put into this. Superb work, and absolutely beautiful artwork!

  58. Audrey Emley 說道:

    I am so glad it will show in a Museum, where many will appreciate it.. I have about 1% of your talent, but possibly I can copy small parts of your art.

  59. Mauricio 說道:

    Interested in purchasing as well, please contact with details

  60. Felipe 說道:

    Awesome, much talent!

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  62. LewdShrew 說道:

    They make them in plastic too:

  63. Arthur Cavalcante 說道:

    Hello Mr. Tsang!
    Could you please, send an e-mail telling what kind of material you did this job?
    I am a artist too, but of course not with this magnificent technique.

  64. cosasalucinantes 說道:

    Reblogueó esto en Cosas Alucinantesy comentado:
    Johnson Tsang
    Un artista a tener en cuenta … ALUCINANTE !!!

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  67. vinicius 1465 說道:

    perfeito o brasil adorou

  68. egor 說道:

    Hi, Mr Tsang!
    It’s beautiful amazing dragon!
    Do you sell it?

    Best Regards,

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  70. Kelly 說道:

    Wow! Thank you for the detailed making-of photos – this is amazing!

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  72. Matthew Napleton 說道:

    Mr Tsang

    One of the most amazing examples of sculpture I have seen in a very long time. Congratulations – so many echoes or the real porcelain masters.

    I don’t mean to start a bidding war – but I would also be interested in knowing the sale price for this amazing piece of work. Please keep me informed of this and other work.

    Kind Regards – all the best for the future.


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  77. Steve Thehealer 說道:

    Brilliant, brilliant work, Mr. Tsang! Thank you SO much for sharing your technique.
    — Steve the Healer.

  78. Reblogged this on Midwest Bonsai Society and commented:
    Just amazing!!!!

  79. alexus 說道:

    I really love it how it came out) is there a way for me to purchase it?

  80. La Mir 說道:

    Reblogueó esto en Metal Percutidoy comentado:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  81. eyecongraffix 說道:

    Mr. Tsang,

    Your work is simply breathtaking. I would be honored if you would consider working with us on a few projects. Your gift would make all the difference. Please contact me with your availability and the best way to reach you.

    Thank you,

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  85. excuzzzeme 說道:

    The entire project cannot be stated in words as there are no words that do this piece of work justice. It speaks loudly to many people differently as any art should. Clearly, this is art by any definition and as a one-of-a-kind, makes it even more priceless. Thank you for sharing your talents, ideas and hard work.

  86. andrescardenas 說道:

    What did is the temperature melt your works?

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  89. Anwar Ben Tanfous 說道:

    You are from the Ming Era not this one 😀

  90. Connie Christman 說道:

    Our art class is amazed at the beauty and detail of your work! They ask how many hours it took to make this dragon vase.

    • Johnson Tsang 說道:

      Thank you for introducing my work in the class. I didn’t really count the hours as I always enjoy those hours. For this work, I finished the form and colouring in three weeks.


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  92. Jamie La Due 說道:

    This is quite extraordinary!

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  94. Deana 說道:

    Love the pot I seen is there a catalog

  95. Terry Hinckley 說道:

    True feeling of power. The dragon squeezes the vase so tight it must surely break. Absolutely beautiful.

  96. jocelynlyx1995 說道:

    Reblogged this on jocelynlyx and commented:

  97. Jerry McCann 說道:

    I am also very interested in your beautiful art. It is truly remarkable. Please do share how your work can be accessed. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.

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  103. Michael Doherty 說道:

    Maestro Johnson Tang – congratulations on your contribution to our World .It’s a privilege to witness the Craft of a Master Ceramicist -Thank you for sharing your creation

  104. Winter 說道:

    I’ve never coveted a piece of art as much as I do this one. You are unbelievably talented, and the meaning behind the piece makes it that much more amazing. I hope to own a piece of your art someday.

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  110. Jakob Flarup 說道:

    Like so many other people, I find your painful pot immensely beautiful!
    If this already havn’t been reserved for another person, I would love to discuss details and price for it too
    again, great work!

  111. Athom 說道:

    What a wonderful work! from a thrown porcelain pot to a masterpiece art! Thanks for your work, I was inspired to make a little article about your “A Painful Pot". I hope you don’t mind it and I hope you will like it even a little.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    Here’s the like of the article.

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  113. ngo nguyen 說道:

    im a high school student and you’re my idol 🙂

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  119. Candy 說道:

    Very beautiful! I’d also be interested in buying “A Painful Pot".

  120. Freda 說道:

    That is beautiful. You put alot of time and energy into that and it really shows. I totally love it.

  121. Blodwen 說道:

    This work is absolutely exquisite! A wonderfully contemporary take on a classic form! Thank you so much for sharing it with us and sharing your creation process as well.

  122. laura 說道:

    Beautiful expression, lovely work. Thank you for so generally sharing your process. many blessings

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  126. Ramon Carlo 說道:

    Hello Johnson!

    I would just like to say that i absolutely love your work, it is inspiring. Your ceramic work has fluidity and movement that is so unique!

    I would also like to be notified when this piece is up for purchase, please!

    Also, do you have any other pieces that you are selling personally? I am very interested in purchasing!

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  130. Gustavo 說道:

    Tu obra es maravillosa!

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