The making of…..



About Johnson Tsang

Sculptor based in Hong Kong, China
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8 Responses to The making of…..

  1. Mary Dreamsculptor 說道:

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing your work process. I’d defenitely reblog it (if you don’t mind). Do you use color on the sculptures before firing?

  2. Mary Dreamsculptor 說道:

    Thank you very much for your reply. Your clay sculptures are so fine that looking at the photos in which you’re applying color to them I doubted whether they weren’t yet fired. And the final results look so real that haven’t seen the work process I’d almost wondered whether acrylic eyes were used, though I knew they couldn’t resist high temperatures at which ceramics need to be fired.

    • Johnson Tsang 說道:

      I’ve never tried glass eyes. It may be another choice for my future projects. At the moment, I paint the eyes with underglazes. Thanks for yourcomments and sharing of my orks.

      • Mary Dreamsculptor 說道:

        I love the very life-like eyes of your creations, they are more than perfect! Glass eyes work fine with polymer clays which are cured at fairly low temperatures (120-130°C), but probably wouldn’t resist the heat needed for ceramics firing.
        Thanks to you for sharing your astonishing works, and the process of creating them. By looking at your sculptures I’m undesrtanding what real art is. Wish you keep this blog up, there are many spirits like mine who will be elevated and inspired by your beyound immagination creations.

  3. Mary Dreamsculptor 說道:

    Reblogged this on marysculptor and commented:
    This is absolutely amazing! If you love sculpting or visual arts generally, then this is a must to visit blog! I’m sharing this post in which the artist Johnson Tsang is showing the process of making some of his wonderful sculptures. But there are also other amazing works on his blog to see.


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