Yuanyang – Stainless Steel & Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson TSANG Chueng Shing

My first Yuanyang ceramic sculpture was created in 2002.

In 2012, I try to reinvent the original idea with stainless steel, a more durable and shiny material.

Yuanyang, Johnson TSANG Cheung Shing, Stainless Steel & Porcelain, 2012
(The photo is from Xinhua News Agency)

Model size: 130cmH x 50cmW x 90cmD

Model size: 130cmH x 50cmW x 90cmD

Closeup of "Yuanyang"


Closeup of  "Yuanyang"

Closeup of “Yuanyang"

Yuanyang_6Yuanyang_closeup 1  Yuanyang_closeup Yuanyang_10

Close up of “Yuanyang"

Close up of the splash.
I tried to capture the beautiful splashes with stainless steel.

Yuanyang by Johnson Tsang Cheung Shing
The model is a public artwork proposal for the West Kowloon Cultural District. Expected dimension on site: 400cm H x 155cmW x 280cmD

Yuanyang is a local drink which mixes milk tea and coffee, reflects Hong Kong’s unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

The original Yuanyang II ceramic sculpture created in 2002.

Yuanyang II
Johnson TSANG Cheung Shing
Stoneware, porcelain, hollowing, modelling, slabbing and throwing
L 118cm W 45cm H 24cm

Some people called this work Coffee Kiss (咖啡之吻). I do think it is a great suggestion!

“Yuanyang" is a species of water birds literally known as mandarin duck. Since “Yuanyang" always appear in pairs, it is adopted as a symbol of conjugal love in Chinese.

Yuanyang II exhibited at the Hong Kong International Airport

Yuanyang II was exhibited with another work of mine, “In and Out (Face-giving Party)"

Artist Statement:

With Hong Kong’s historical background, local culture embraces Chinese traditions as well as impacts from the West. In fact, inclusion has long been the major characteristic of local culture. Yet, Hong Kong people are no copycats. We infuse the external impacts with our own creativities. Yuanyang, a local drink which mixes milk tea and coffee, reflects Hong Kong’s unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. I hope to represent Hong Kong culture’s organic vitality in the West Kowloon Cultural District with this sculpture.

– Johnson TSANG Cheung Shing 2012

在獨特的歷史背景影響下,香港文化中既包含中國傳統文化因子,亦有西方外來的衝擊和養分,因此本地文化的一大特點正是其兼收並蓄的包容性。然而香港人並非只是一味的模仿,而是會把外來的影響內化成為自己的特點,並加以創作,拼發出香港獨有的、唯一的城市及文化生態。「鴛鴦」這種地道茶餐廳飲品最能表現。 – 曾章成 2012


About Johnson Tsang

Sculptor based in Hong Kong, China
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14 Responses to Yuanyang – Stainless Steel & Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson TSANG Chueng Shing

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  3. sheila 說道:

    So beautiful – so lucky to have you share this with me – thank you

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  5. Alexander Korte 說道:

    Is the Coffee Kiss still availabel for sale?

  6. Miruna Falzon 說道:

    I would like to ask you if the sculpture Coffee Kiss is for sale and how much is it please? Thanks a lot

  7. Computer Software 說道:

    Appreciation to my father who told me on the topic of
    this website, this website is really awesome.

  8. Valerie Chase-Walton 說道:

    Saw your work…l must say you have the hands of a master and the imagination of a forward thinker..many things have many meanings to many people…you give them the insight to open their eyes and feed the mind…love your work Mr. Tsang..thank you for the beauty..

    Valerie Chase-Walton

  9. Marina 說道:

    Is any of your work available for purchase? If so, where can I buy it?
    Thank you!

  10. Jonathan Gombard 說道:

    super !!!!! je trouve cela formidable très très beau avec une touche de romantisme



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